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More than likely you got to work this morning, and were quickly whisked to a co-worker’s computer screen with urgency.  “What is it?”  You ask calmly, still wiping the sleep from your eyes expecting the worst… “We have an important question for you”… With the click of a few buttons, a somewhat frumpy dress appears on the screen complete with a hashtag aptly titled #thedress. “What color is it?” another co-worker asks with wide-eyes…  “Blue and black or white and gold?”

How and Why to Use Memes in Marketing

Why and how, as a marketer, can you utilize meme marketing to reach new potential? 

If you’re the owner of a small or medium-sized business, GOOD NEWS! Promoting your tweets to a wider, more targeted audience just got a whole lot better!

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Utilize LinkedIn

How can SMBs utilize LinkedIn in order to increase traffic and visibilty, generate leads, and boost revenue?