Internet Marketing Case Study - The Attic

Before we dive into the details of this Internet Marketing adventure that we have had the pleasure to share with The Attic, we need to take a moment to emphasize that every single strategy we take on with a company is 100% unique to that business. There are phases within the ScriptiLabs Internet Market Strategy that guide us through the process, but there is not a step by step system that will result in amazing marketing outcomes for every website. It is essential for us to look at each company’s individual analytics, industry, customer base, and other factors in order to skillfully craft the most effective Internet Marketing plan that will achieve their goals. The process that I share with you throughout this case study might even harm your SEO results if you tried to do it yourself. You never want to leave your website’s marketing plan in the hands of an amateur. Please, take it to a professional, even if it’s not ScriptiLabs.

Internet Marketing | The Attic Google Analytics Results 6.30.2012

Internet Marketing | Google Analytics Results

The Attic continues to see amazing Internet Marketing results! Let take a look at some graphs I pulled from Google Analytics. 

This first graph was pulled from March 1st - March 31st. Just like with blog posted last, Introduction to Analytics, I want you to be able to reference where The Attic came from prior to me working with. This way you can see how far they have come.

Internet Marketing Build-out Part 2

Alright, this post is a continuation of the previous one that gave you an introduction to the first phase of the Internet Marketing build-out process, the research. Now I’m going to talk about on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and brand building, followed by a note from Anne on her view of our first month working together. Here we go:

Internet Marketing Build-out Part 1


The Internet Marketing Build-out

Now it is time for me to share with you the first step of The Attic and ScriptiLabs Internet Marketing Adventure, The Build-Out. Over the course of the last month, Anne and I have exchanged nearly fifty e-mails and many phone calls. Through this communication we have created a strong foundation that has helped us to optimize our plan for success. Without further adieu, here is how our Internet Marketing Build-Out went down: